Monument Park and the big 4-0!

March 2021:

2021 is already showing some positivity and reasons to celebrate. For Jennings, we’ve got two special reasons to cheer as Monument Park turns 40 years old and Hampden House 20!

We’re really keen to celebrate with you all and are keeping our fingers crossed we’ll be able to hold some sort of get together (Party on the Park!) in the summer.  Watch this space… Until then, here’s a taste of where it all began and insight from a few tenants too.

40 years have seen a lot of changes in business.  Events over the last 12 months have shown this to be true. Business owners have always needed to adapt quickly to evolving markets and this is exactly why, back in the 1980’s, the Jennings family poultry farm became a home for small, growing businesses.

Some will remember Joe Jennings being the inspiration for this change. As an owner of a small business himself, he understood what it means to run a business and the benefits of making a connection with liked-minded people. He would often stop by a unit or workshop to get to know the people better and check how everything was going.  His son Mike continued this ethos, and these connections evolved into a unique way of operating. He wanted to build relationships based on mutual understanding – where trust, fairness and equality really matter.

Since 1995 Monument Park has grown in size; many more new units have been added to accommodate the expansion of existing tenants, and in function; the values-based method was developed which we now use throughout the business (and is explained in Mike’s book!)

We feel privileged to have such a great community of businesses now with like-minded owners who are attracted to our simple, authentic methods and who run their businesses in just the same way.

The team are moving forward too, exploring ways of developing further the environmental and social impacts of the Jennings business, and the Park as a whole, making sure we measure people, profit and the planet equally.  And always with our values at the heart of what we do.