Jennings goes wild on their business park!

We’ve set an ambitious target here at Jennings. We want our Monument Park site in Chalgrove to be net zero for carbon emissions by 2030. We aren’t aware of any other business park trying to achieve this so setting out a roadmap was our first step. It’ll be a complicated journey because we need to involve our 100+ tenant businesses based here and make sure they’re on board too.   

As a responsible & ethical business we’ve always tried to care for our environment. The Park is planted with more trees, hedgerows and greenery than most, and we love taking on new eco projects. Over the last decade we’ve created a lake area, installed a biomass boiler, fitted PV panels on many buildings and we’re setting targets for reducing energy, waste and water.   

To make sure we reach our 2030 goal we’ve asked for advice from lots of good people, including Roselle from Wild Oxfordshire. She came over and helped us plan out more planting spaces to encourage wildlife & pollinators. We now have two beehives, several wildflower beds and a herb garden, all nestling nicely amongst our apple, plum and pear trees.   

Learning to look after our newest tenants, 40,000 honeybees is great fun – they are beautiful and fascinating creatures. One brand new goal for this year is to have our own Monument Park honey to give away. Watch this space!    

To find out more about our roadmap and sustainability goals take a look here: