It's a journey and we’d love you to join us

Making a positive impact on our planet

We love our environment and want to do everything we can to protect it.  Over the years we’ve worked hard to integrate sustainability into our business park and encourage all our tenant businesses to work more sustainably too.

It’s about balance – environmental, social and economic factors all have to be considered.  At Jennings, we’re determined to be a profitable, sustainable and community-focused business in everything we do.

Whether your business already has a home with us here or you’re thinking you want a more eco-minded landlord, take a look at what we’ve done so far and our goals for the future.

And talk to us any time! We’re happy to chat and share. The more we can learn and grow together, the bigger the difference we can make.


Roadmap of our Journey

It’s been a journey of discovery. Every single step takes you that bit further on a path forward. Check out the ground we’ve covered so far and the exciting route ahead.

Environmental Targets

We measured our C02 emissions for 2020 and have then set targets for 2022 to further reduce our impact. Check out our pledges here. 

Tools for the job

It can feel daunting. You need to think about so many issues, from doing things differently in your own backyard to asking for changes from your suppliers, but help is out there! Here’s a quick insight into some of the resources that have helped us.

Friends & experts to help out

Check out the great network of people and organisations who’ve supported us. Maybe they could help you too.

Bioregional Oxfordshire

Works with local partners to create a better, more sustainable way to live in Oxfordshire

Low Carbon Hub

Social enterprise that’s out to prove we can meet our energy needs in a way that’s good for people and the planet

Green Savvy 

Delivering sustainability initiatives. Know how and practical support tailored to your business.

Empathy Sustainability 

Working on sustainability strategies, creating value through purpose and engagement.

ESOx (Energy Solutions Oxfordshire)

Complete energy efficiency service, helping organisations lower their energy use, while saving time and money.

Six Degrees

UK's cross-university student-powered environmental think tank. Facilitating a shift in how the world approaches sustainable development. 


A CIC Social Enterprise set up to support social entrepreneurs, Social Enterprises, enterprising charities and purposeful business across Oxfordshire to address social and environmental challenges. Special thanks to Grant, Ashley & Rosie for all their support!

Oxford Brookes University EiE (Environmental Information Exchange)

Not-for-profit organisation based at Oxford Brookes University providing UK organisations with support to reduce their energy, water, and waste.

Destination for 2030 & beyond

We’ve set the ambitious target for Monument Park to become ‘Net Zero’ by 2030. We think we’ll be able to get there and here’s how.

Energy Goals

Reduce Energy Consumption across Monument Park

Move to fully renewable energy providers

Produce more renewable energy on site

Waste Goals

Zero Waste sent to Landfill

Adopt ‘Reduce, Reuse & Recycle’ policy

Reduce use of single-use packaging & plastics

Water Goals

Reduce consumption

Reuse where ever possible

Provide refill station

Transport Goals

Promote use of Electric Vehicles & install more EV Charging Stations

Replace maintenance vehicle with an all-electric alternative

Encourage more car shares & cycle to work 

Promote collective buying schemes

Environment Goals

Adopt One Planet Living model

Improve wildlife habitat & plant more native species

Allow wild areas & hedges to grow longer before cutting

More use of eco cleaning products across our managed buildings

Procurement Goals

Shop locally & less often wherever possible

Buy environmentally friendly products

Alternatives to buying new… Can we reuse or renew?

Engage with suppliers to help them join our journey

Community Goals

Host community events to raise environmental awareness

Collaborations with local schools around environmental issues

Encourage, inspire and connect our community to help everyone achieve their own goals too

Sustainability for People, Planet & Profit

We're committed to becoming a BCorp accredited business

Their 'Triple Bottom Line' model means we'll be judged on the sustainability of every major decision we make

We'll share our successes (and when we fail!) with our community along our journey