Warm Jennings Welcome to…

More lovely new tenants across Monument Park, all with a unique story behind their individual business. Here’s a few…

Locally UK
Locally UK provides technology such as online marketplaces to help support independent businesses across the UK.

Why you chose to base your business on Hampden House?
Jennings was an easy choice for us (although a bit further away than we initially looked for location wise). Donna in particular provided us with a solution that suited our business, and the support from the whole team has been phenomenal. It’s great to be part of the Monument park family.
Quirky fact about you or your business
Locally UK have just launched neartoo.co.uk, on behalf of The British Independent Retailers Association (Bira) to support 4,000 independent businesses across the UK. It’s very much in its infancy, but we are excited to be in a position to support the growth of the platform, and in-turn indies across the country. 

Location Extreme
Meili GPS tracking solution for outdoors, trips and expeditions.

Why you chose to base your business at Greenacres, Monument Park?
Great facility for assembly and distribution. 
Quirky fact about you or your business
Our Meili tracker was designed here in Oxford by our super-bright geeks, all of whom are cleverer than me (they use long smart sounding words, sometimes I think they actually make half of them up) and is the only outdoor-person tracking solution on the market that can track individuals (or groups) for months without needing a recharge.