Phil and Carol Dawson have been members of the Monument Park community for 24 years. After such a long time, we knew they would have some valuable experience and interesting stories to share.

Here’s a little about their journey from Phil’s perspective… In January 1994 I met up with a German business man, his name was Peter Seip, looking to open a UK based office to offer the products he had developed and was selling in Europe – automatic garage door openers. Peter and I did become business partners, although truthfully, I didn’t know how acceptable to the UK market these products would be.

Even so, Seip UK Ltd was officially formed on 1st March 1994. The reliability of German engineering and enthusiasm was very much behind our future success.

Our first delivery of 100 machines arrived in Chalgrove in the middle of that month, without a single customer yet on board in the UK. OH. MY. The work then began with me on the road selling and my wife Carol in the office. My Volvo car was well road tested, doing over 1000 miles a week seeing potential customers. Our efforts paid off and after four years our sales rocketed to almost 800 machines per month, which made Seip UK a major player in the market. As a result, we have had three moves on Monument Park to accommodate our expansion, with our current home being Unit 11.

On top of all of this, we have been fortunate with additional staff members that we have hired who have been and continue to be dedicated and valued members of the team.

We’re so grateful to Phil for taking the time to tell us about his journey. As a long-time member of the community, we were keen to ask Phil about what he enjoys about being here, and what services help him day-to-day…

I am a keen user of the Jennings outdoor gym area by the Lake. It’s a great facility, allowing me valuable thinking time away from the office, which runs smoothly apart from when the youngest generation come to visit – my grandsons! They love the Jennings family BBQ days, another reason why we value our tenancy here – it encompasses so much.

Last of all, we asked Phil what his top tips would be for fellow small businesses, or those looking to get started… 1) Never get carried away with the high and lows of business. Try to keep a level head. 2) Don’t accept a ‘No’ from a customer at the early stages. They will normally require more information on the product before making a buying decision. Persistence can pay off to your mutual benefit!

Thanks again Phil, it’s been great to hear more about your journey and we love having you on Monument Park! seip.co.uk