A helping hand from Oxford Brookes students?

Ever feel like there’s just not enough hours in the day? Or that you could do with an extra pair (or 3) of hands? We have good news!

The Oxford Brookes Careers Department have an offer specifically aimed toward helping local small businesses in such a situation. Through a variety of services, they can provide access to a huge range of students for a placement, an internship (part-funded through a Santander scheme), work experience or part-time work – giving you that much needed support.

There’s around 18,000 students currently at the University with a useful range of skills. Studying everything from Architecture to Engineering, IT to Hospitality, Marketing to Accounts, they’re keen to work in the real world. As a potential employer, you could also benefit from their energy, enthusiasm, fresh thinking and willingness to help – it’s a win-win all round, and imagine what a difference such an opportunity would have made to you at that time.

You can find out more through Brookes’ Careers Fairs or the Online Job Portal. You can also call Nikki Alder (SME Employer Account Manager) on 01865 485157 to talk about specific needs for your business. Nikki will be visiting Monument Park later this year, so if you’re interested in finding out more and you’d like to meet Nikki, please get in touch with Chris on hello@jennings.co.uk