A Free Workshop with Kim Bradley

16TH JUNE 2020  9.30AM - 11.30AM Hampden House, Monument Park, Chalgrove, OX44 7RW

Of all the Genes you carry in your body, you are only 10% Human!  So what on earth is the other 90% made of and how is that affecting your mental and physical wellbeing?


Kim Bradley is an entrepreneur, wellbeing coach, international public speaker and educator on health & wellness, with a special interest in Gut Health. 

In this fascinating workshop, Kim will explain the complex ecosystem that is your Microbiome.  You will have the chance to assess your own wellbeing and learn how we affect our mental, emotional and physical wellbeing through our diet, lifestyle and our everyday environment. 

Human Health + Microbiome Health = Elite Health

“Achieving Elite Health – your pinnacle of wellness – begins by targeting your health at its core. Your GUT.  Getting your gut working optimally for you is like firing up your super engine for self-healing and repair” – Kim Bradley

If you want to get back to feeling 100%, or are just curious how this can make a big difference to your life, book your free place now!



Cost: Free!