7 Steps to Net Zero

8TH JUNE 2023  9.30AM - 11.00AM Hampden House, Monument Park, Chalgrove, OX44 7RW

A simple, practical guide to the ‘Why and How’ of getting your business to Net Zero… or just being more sustainable in what you do.


We know all too well that it can feel pretty daunting… counting carbon emissions, measuring your footprint and trying to become a Net Zero business.

This event is part of our series, helping us do business better. From this session you’ll come away knowing why we all need to be more sustainable and how to go about it.

We’ll break down this hot topic and explain why this approach will be better for your business, better for your community and help the planet all at the same time.


Our guest speakers for the day are:

  • Dr Sara Le Roux, Oxford Brookes Business School – Sara has done some incredible research around awareness of the problem and consumers perception. She’ll explain why it’s so important we think of ways to improve our brand reputation by reducing our impact.
  • Hannah Scott , Network Manager for Oxfordshire Greentech. Her work is connecting local SMEs who all share a passion for being more sustainable. Hannah will help us get to grips with target setting, better efficiency and will share some quick wins.
  • Chris Williams, Eco Ambassador for Jennings. Chris and the team set Net Zero as a goal for the business 4 years ago. Not only did we achieve it, we’ve reduced our carbon footprint every year since. He’ll share a ‘7 Steps to Net Zero’ plan to get you thinking.

(And do save the date: Thursday 28th September, the last event in our series, focusing on how to communicate your message with passion – to your team, your suppliers, your customers and more!)

Cost: Free!