We believe passionately that when people thrive, positive change can happen.
For us, this begins with our talented, fun-loving team, who shape and drive what we do.
And it’s their shared values that nurture a remarkable business community.

You may rent a business unit, office or workspace with us, but here it's relationships that matter. We get to know you, so we can best support you to succeed.

It's about doing business differently, not just profit margins, shareholders or even property. It’s shaping communities that care and are striving for kinder, stronger and better relationships for everyone.


Jennings’ mission is to create a positive impact on the economy, environment
and society through the support we provide for businesses and people.

  • People focussed
  • Community creating
  • Values led
  • Eco-conscious

Who are Jennings? …

Our values matter

To that end, we are:

  • Open & honest: you’ll get a straight answer, so fears and anxieties are reduced
  • Fair & reasonable: we’ll listen and apply logic, to achieve the best outcomes
  • Accommodating & courteous: an environment where people feel comfortable and at home
  • Committed to people: doing all we can to help you flourish

We live our values every day; with everyone we meet. If you get a hug from us
it’s because we know you need one. That’s what makes us different.

“The Jennings Team are without doubt the best Business Support team that I have ever worked with. Real people that actually care about your business… they are so nice, considerate and really do go the extra mile ”

Caring about the environment

We are passionate about sustainable development at
Jennings. Our beautiful surroundings mean the world to us,
and we want to develop them as sensitively as we can.

So we use PV solar panels, hemp and lime construction and
biomass boilers. We recycle our rainwater and have created
stunning eco-friendly workspaces by our lake.

And we always strive for more, so new initatives are on the way.
Take a peek at our SUSTAINABILITY WORK