Late Breakfast Chalgrove - 30.11.2017

So what do you do when you’ve never tried something before…? Try it of course!  Because we’ve never had a speaker explain how franchising works, here it is... 


We’re delighted to welcome Carol Rawson, Managing Director of ‘Suit The City’ consultant tailors, who’s been growing her business through franchising very successfully. Her talk is:  “How to grow a national business without taking on staff”


Carol will talk about the company’s experiences of franchising the business and making plans for the future. With insights into the trials of being entrepreneurial and successes and failures on the path to growth, she’ll talk about sticking to her principles and turning a simple idea into a successful ethical business.


If you are looking to grow your business without some of the pain, this is a talk that will help you to decide the best way forwards and avoid some of the pitfalls in the process.


Carol is a serial entrepreneur, having started and developed several businesses since her mid-twenties, she is ideally positioned to talk about the rollercoaster that is the world of business. Suit the City is a very modern take on a very traditional business, using the latest technology to offer a five-star service to loyal clients.


About Carol:

After university, Carol quickly realised that the only way that she could follow her dream of starting a business was to join a large corporation. So, she joined Xerox with two aims – one to earn lots of money (to give her start-up capital) and the other to gain any business experience that she could that would help her in the future. It was during this time that she developed the idea for Suit the City.

The franchise opportunity was launched with a pilot five years ago and now has four locations operating, with three more in the pipeline to launch later this year and next year. The plan is to develop fifty franchises across the UK and Europe.


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Where:                Hampden House, Monument Park, Chalgove OX44 7RW

When:                  Thursday 30th November

Time:                    9.00am to 11.00am

Cost:                     £12.00 (includes tea, coffee, juices, fruits, pastries & bacon rolls)

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